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Indochina travel recommendation

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Indochina travel recommendation
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Indochina travel recommendation Dear Nga Nguyen,
We are sorry for writing to you after such a long time regarding the tour you organized for Mr Travaglini and Mrs Piccioli, but we had a very busy time here at the travel agency.
We would like to thank you again for your kind cooperation, everything was perfect: the only thing that they told us was that Hotel Mango in Hanoi did not grant them the breakfast which was included (wasn’t it ?).
By the way they really enjoyed Hoi An, they said it was super fantastic.
We hope to have the opportunity to organize a new tour in Vietnam with your cooperation soon.
But don’t worry, next time I will be less stressful, I promise you.
Thank you again!
Kind regards,
Mersia De Cesare


Indochina travel recommendation Hi Miss Nga!
would just like to let you know that we had a great trip in Vietnam.
Thank you for your help in coordinating.
All the best to you! Happy weekend! :D

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