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Indochina travel consultant
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Indochina travel consultant Hi Mr Trong,
Sorry for the late reply - we are already very busy as school term is about to start, we have a lot of catching up at work and we haven't fully recovered from housework/cleaning up upon our return.
We had a good trip to Vietnam and were happy with the service provided by you and your company. Here is some more specific feedback as you are requesting:
We were happy with the guides and drivers. The guides were all good in different ways. Their proficiency in English was great and all were happy to help out and were flexible in terms of our needs and preferences.
The restaurants we went to for lunch were geat – great tasting food and good service. However, we did find there was too much food for us so a lot of it went to waste as the menu was set. It would be good to be able to choose what we wanted (from a list) at some of the lunches.
In terms of the hotels, the rooms were clean and a good size. It was difficult communicating with the hotel staff though as none of them spoke much English. The locations of the hotels in Hanoi and Saigon were great. For Hoi An, it would have been nice to stay somewhere walking distance to the Centre. We were not very happy with the breaksfasts at the hotel/s – we generally prefer Western style breakfasts and that was limited where we stayed.
In terms of the itinerary, we should have studied the details and added/replaced with activities that would appeal to the children too, i.e. a Cyclo tour in Saigon City Centre would have been more exciting than being driven around. We also thought there were too many boat rides though we understand some of them might have been necessary.
We loved Halong Bay very much - 2 nights there would have been excellent but of course you cannot organise the weather for us - we were very lucky with that! ;-)
Lastly, upon checking in on our domestic flight from Saigon to Danang, we were told by the airline counter staff that the kids were booked as 'adults' and it would have been cheaper if they were booked as 'children'.
Overall, it was a great trip and we were really happy with your company and all that you organised for us. It made our trip easy. We will certainly be recommending you to friends/family (we have a few friends planning to visit Vietnam this year).
Thanks and regards,
Janet (& David)

Indochina travel consultant Hello Trong,
We had a wonderful time on the boat. The food was delicious, but there was probably too much of it.
We enjoyed most of the excursions, but would have liked to stay on the boat more.
There was not enough time in Phnom Pen for much of anything and Siem Reap was too rushed. I'm sure it.was because of the time constraints of 8 days.
The tourguides were.punctual and knowledgeable.
Overall it was a great.trip.
Twila Busby

Indochina travel consultant Hello Mr Trong,
Thank you very much. It was fantastic to visit your country and Cambodia too.
All the trip was pretty well organized in terms of tour, hotels and pickups (despite little accidents )
What I personally think you have to strongly improve is the English level of the tourist guides.
Was too difficult to understand some of them, especially the one in Hoi An and at the end we didn’t understand very well many thinks that we have visited.
Working on this area I’m sure your company will be very appreciated!

Indochina travel consultant Dear Mr Ngo Quang Trong
I just wanted to thank you and Tuanlinh travel for arranging all the transport and accommodation for us in Vietnam. All went very smoothly for which I thank you.
We had a very enjoyable (but tiring!) tour of your country which is quite beautiful.
Thank you again
David M Shalom

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