Tourists in Indochina travel reference July 2012

Indochina travel reference July 2012

This page provides information about Indochina travel reference July 2012.

Indochina travel reference July 2012
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Indochina travel reference July 2012 Good evening. I did not answer your email because it just came back from Europe today.
Everything went very well, the guides were excellent meeting schedule with professionalism and friendliness.
The hotels and although they were not accounted for luxury, service and facilities were excellent level, with special thanks to the staff of Luxor.
We could have had at least half a day at leisure in Hoi An, as the city's charm.
The company Oriental Cruises, due to high turnover, left to desire for cleanliness and also the meals were well below the others offered, this was offset by the great sympathy of our guide in Hanoi.
Anyway, we were pleased with the tour offered by your company and, as Asia is my favorite destination for travel, for sure, we will have other opportunities.Thanks for your attention.Rosangela/André
for your attention. Att Rosangela and Andrew.

Indochina travel reference July 2012 Dear Trong,
We just arrived to Wien, so we are in Europe... Wonderful Vietnam is already far away but we keep it in ourselves.
Thank you so much for being so kind. We really want to come again, for longer time.
Let's be in touch,
Gloria and Michele

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