Tourists in Far-east travel consultant December 2011

Far-east travel consultant December 2011

This page provides information about Far-east travel consultant December 2011.

Far-east travel consultant December 2011
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Far-east travel consultant Dear Mr. Ngo Quang Trong,
At the outset I would like to thank you for arranging our Trip to Siem Reap in a professional manner.
Our feedback is as follows:-
1 Transport from Aranyaprathet to Thai Border- very good. The guide & driver of the bus both were very pleasant & helpful.
2 Transit guide at Thai- Cambodian border was trying to act over smart by telling us ,we will have to pay four hundred Bath extra per person over & above the normal Cambodian visa fees of USD 20 per person. It appeared that he was interested in making money in the process.
3 Transport from Cambodian border to Angor Way hotel was of very ordinary quality.
4 Sightseeing at Siem Reap was very well organized .Quality of transport was good . Guide RA Narin is very knowledgeable, helpful & Co-operative . Whenever we are next in Siem Reap we would like to have RA Narin as our guide. Even the driver of the bus was very Co-operative.
5 Restaurants at Siem Reap
I Apsara Dance & Dinner at Amazon- would rate 6/10,as this had limited choice for vegetarians.
II Food at Maharaja – very good
III Food at Curry Wala & Taj Mahal O.K. and can certainly be asked to improve to the level of Maharaja.
IV Food at Little India – poor standard.
6 Angor Way hotel – quality and service for breakfast poor and needs substantial improvement. Other services i.e room, bathroom and general hospitality good.
7 Transport from Siem Reap to Poipet and Aranyaprathet to Bangkok good.
The group was to be given lunch at Morning Star hotel at Poipet, but by the time we finished all the Cambodian visa & immigration formalities, we were informed that the timing of the lunch services is over. There was no good restaurant on the way to Angor Way Hotel and hence did not have lunch. We reached Angor Way Hotel around 6:00 pm and then there was no point in going for lunch at that time. In lieu of the lunch an amount of USD 8 per person was reimbursed. I understand this is the same amount which you had mentioned in your itinerary.
The group is planning to visit next year to Vietnam and Phnom Penh and would seek your assistance in organizing the same. Please also let me know countries other than Vietnam and Cambodia , where you operate.
Thanking you once again
With Best Wishes,
Sudhir Kapahi

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