Tourists in Far-east travel feedback May 2011

Far-east travel feedback May 2011

This page provides information about Far-east travel feedback May 2011.

Far-east travel feedback May 2011
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Far-east travel feedback Hi Nga,
Yes the trip was good - thankyou for asking.
The Emotion was excellent and my girlfriend was able to come on the boat with me to go diving. She went kayaking instead, so that worked really well.
The last day a storm threatned and we were taken to a hotel. This did not work well as they wanted us to pay for dinner. It eventually got sorted but took a long time and we were very hungry. I also ended up a bit stressed that no one seemed to believe that we were on an all exclusive trip and they were not prepared to do anything until they had checked with the Emotion. As everyone there had gone home this was a big problem. In the end we decided to just catch a taxi into the town and eat there. But as we were leaving we were asked to come back as they had eventually found out that we were meant to be on full board.
I will be back in VN in September - this time in Saigon. I would definitely like to do something interesting there. And also see a local football match if possible.
Kind regards


Far-east travel feedback Hi Miss Nguyen,
Thank you for your email. My wife and I had a lovely time in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It was our first visit to Laos and Cambodia but we have been to Vietnam many times. You organized our booking for the Ancient House in Hoi An. We have stayed there before and liked it, but when I inquired on-line their rates seemed to have shot up. It was my daughter-in-law's suggestion to book through you, and your price was better. I thought you handled the whole transaction very professionally, with clear and precise instructions about how to make the money transfer. I shall be happy to book through you in the future and to recommend you to my friends.
Phil Lazenby


Far-east travel feedback Dear Mrs. Nguen,
We were very satisfied with our half day tour to My Son. Driver and tour guide were on time and everything went according to plan. We have no comments. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family who go to Vietnam!
Kind regards,
Annelies Verbiest

Far-east travel feedback Xin Chao Mrs Than Mai .. Thanks for a very nice arranged program and all the experience .. I send for you now some information on my trip
Hotels :
Phnom Penh Anise Hotel - The hotel quite small and old, but the staff very friendly and good service. Location quite reasonable to walk around and everything not so far. The price a bit expensive for this hotel, because room quite small and old, maybe more about US$ 35 would be reasonable, but the service and staff quite good. I see a few other hotels nearby the river, little better location near to the shops and restaurants, around the same price of US$45 so I might change if go again.
Siem Reap Sonalong Boutique - Very nice hotel, beautiful scenery and big room with balcony. The price of this same Anise but more new and with big garden and swimming pool. The hotel is quite new and clean and friendly and good service staff. The manager of hotel always available to meet the guests and assit to check in. Location a bit far to walk to main road but tuk tuk available at the door. I might stay this hotel again if I visit Siem Reap but again I see other hotels for same price close to shops and coffee shops.
Guides :
Phnom Penh Miss Nara - Very friendly guide with good information and good english. Always take good care of me and show me around to enjoy the programs and give me a lot of information about everything we see. In the last day, invite me with her friend to restaurant for coffee and ice cream and dont let me pay.
Siem Reap Mr Souvan - Very friendly guide, little bit ok english but have a lot of knowledge and take good care of me also.
In both place, drivers also very friendly and all the programs in both place, have a very good time together, so that we are more like friends not tourist and guide.
Program :
Everything well arranged with good timings and lot of time to walk around and relax. Lot of cold water and cold towel available all the day, and restaurants for lunch very nice and local to try Cambodian foods and meet local people. I learn also a few words in Cambodian that I try to talk and make a lot of new friends. Nearby hotel in Phnom Penh, I make friend with motorbike taxi who take me around after the program just to drive and see the local sights for only US$ 2 or US$ 3. In Siem Reap one time the car breakdown after the 1hr foot massage program but I enjoy to sit and talk with the local people, and waiting till the car ready to go.
Overall I have no complaint at all for anything and enjoy everything a lot. I am sure I need to go back to Cambodia to visit some other places so we will discuss about that after a while. I plan to visit during late November.
Only we had a little confusion about the schedule because I think book 5 nights in Phnom Penh and 5 nights in Sieam Reap, so when I book hotel in Sieam Reap is from 4th May but from your side 3rd May. But is ok because the hotel have no problem to arrange me arrive 1 day early, after I tell to the guide if not available I can sleep one night in the temple with monk. ☺
Thank you very much for all the booking Mrs Than Mai, really I enjoy it all a lot with no problem at all.


Far-east travel feedback Hello Thu Huong, friends and family:
Well, after many hours of careful editing, Mike has created four masterpieces – if I may be so bold as to brag. The bad news – we didn’t make it as “bite sized” as we’d hoped. There was just too much amazing stuff to share (and several people already commented they couldn’t wait to see more!). The good news is we broke it into four pieces so you can view at your leisure. We also put some music with it to enhance your viewing pleasure and basically made each a video with short timing for each photo.
The way to see the photos is to go to Vimeo - http://www.vimeo.com/user7104209/videos (you can also just go to www.vimeo.com and search on things like “Lori and Mike’s Vietnam vacation” or “Mike Mulligan Vietnam” and you’ll find them)
You’ll see there are 4 videos – the first two tell the story of the trip, the others let Mike expand on his artistic side. The suggested order is:
1. Lori and Mike’s Vietnam Vacation – The South (12 minutes of photos)
2. Lori and Mike’s Vietnam Vacation – The North (15 minutes)
3. Through Mike’s Eye (6 minutes) – for those of you who want to see more great photos
4. Echoes of War (6 minutes) – for those of you who are interested in the war history (and like Pink Floyd)
Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you may need to allow time for it to buffer, unless you turn HD off (works fine on ours with no buffering but no guarantees). We suggest you have the volume on so you can enjoy the music (carefully selected!). The four little arrows on the lower right corner let you go to full screen. We found the quality to be OK on full screen if it’s HD but not so good if you turn it off (so basically, look at them in the small view if you turn HD off).
For those of you who like to travel, I think you will want to buy a ticket to Vietnam as soon as you can! If you want to go, I know just the person to help you plan your trip. 
It’s been a labor of love (bordering on obsession) for Mike, and even though I was there and saw these sights, I’m amazed at what he has created. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed the trip.
Lori and Mike

Far-east travel feedback Dear Ms Dinh Thao,
sorry for the much delayed response. It's caused by our round the world trip. We mostly do not have internet access while travelling currently in Australia.
Here my feedback:
- hotels and all services have been excellent
- Mekong river trip was very special and satisfying. Food was always excellent, but too much for senior people like us.
- Beach resort Bamboo Village was very good
- transport was always on time and all drivers did a very good job
- both the tour guides did not meet our level of expectation. I assume it was mainly a language skill level problem.
- if friends approach us we will definitely give them your contact data
Best regards,
Johann Haslinger

Far-east travel feedback Dear Ms. NGUYEN,
Thanks you for your email.
We enjoyed our trip to Halong Bay Tour.
Everything was all right and our guide perfect.
We were very pleased to have a private very large boat for us.
The meal was quite good but the bay view was splendid.
The boring thing was the long road from Hanoi to Halong Bay.
Thanks for everything.
Best Regards.
Frédéric de BAETS

Far-east travel feedback Xin Chiao Ms. Thao,
Cam en for your services in Vietnam.
I’m already back to Jakarta Yesterday night and working @ office right now .
My friend & I have good moment in Hoi An last time, unforgettable moments.
See U next time when I have planned to go to Vietnam again.
Than'x & Regard's,
Yenni Lee

Far-east travel feedback Dear Ms Dinh Thao,
We are now back in Australia after a wonderful trip to your country.
The tour to Dalat with your company was a very memorable part of our holiday and the Itinerary was to our liking. Tri our tour guide and driver Mr. Viet were great ambassadors for your Travel company.
I would like to thank you for my birthday wishes and the kind gesture was much appreciated.
kindest regards

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