Tourists in Far-east travel reviews March 2011

Far-east travel reviews March 2011

This page provides information about Far-east travel reviews March 2011.

Far-east travel reviews March 2011
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Far-east travel reviews Dear Lily,
Everything was wonderful thank you.
Boat was very comfortable, food was excellent, and service was wonderful.
Suggest that the tourism industry pressure government into providing meaningful method for cleaning all the garbage out of Ha Long Bay.
Perhaps they could pay local people for each kilo of rubbish they collected and fine anyone seen littering like they do in Singapore, the Bay would be kept clean. Tourists will stop coming if the Bay is destroyed because of the rubbish and pollution!
Thank you for your very excellent service. Our guide was very nice and gave excellent service.
Kind regards
Richard Gordon, Australia

Far-east travel reviews FEEDBACK to Ms. Nga:
-About tour guides:
All of them were very nice persons. The only problem was the pronunciation. Some times it was very difficult to understand. I think they should work in this issue. However, the two guides in Cambodia and the one who took us to Babe speak very well.
I didn´t like how the guide who took us to Babe ask for tip... Everywhere I have travelled, the tip is optional and the amount depends on what you want and what you can. He ask for 10 dollars per day each (him and the driver). It´s a lot for us...
-About hotels:
In general I think they were OK for the price we pay.
In Hanoi the room had a window to the hall and there was a leak in the bathroom, but they compensated it sending us to a better room the next days (of course, it influenced that they forgot to call us in the morning and we oversleeped).
The room in Hue was very nice but smells humidity.
The hotels in Luang Prabang Chau Doc and Phnom Penh were very nice but quite far from the city center (or night markets). Even though I´m happy with them.
-About Meals:
-About the tours:
The days in Hue, I think they were not well organizated. The day free was not necesary and we spent just 1 hour in the citadel (I would stay at least 2 or 3 hours walking around).
Most of the Mekong Delta was very dirty. It was not very nice.
The rest of the days were spectacular!
-Your service was excellent. When we had a problem you fixed it immediately.
-If you want to add a review from us about your service for your webpage:
El viaje estuvo muy bien armado y con una excelente organización.
Esperamos poder volver a recorrer la zona algún día.
Muchas gracias por su servicio!!!
Eduardo Juliá y Mariana Cámera (Argentina)


Far-east travel reviews a great hello to tuan linh travel.
thanks to you, it was really wonderfull. the cruise was amazing.
and you as travel agent was also great.
this was my first time to use not an german or austrian travel agent
first time to use an vietnam / asian travel agent. and i was surprised.
all run very well, always quick answers and absolutly serious.
i was a little scared to send you tousands of dollars so early in advance.
i dont know you, and a lot of things could happend. i heard a lot of black sheeps in this business.
collect money and close the website. nobody knows where is the money. or the business can broke down.
than also the money is gone.
so all run very well, and all was on time, exactly.
thanks for all, and when somebody is traveling in vietnam, i will recomend your company.

Far-east travel reviews Dear Ms. Luong Thi Lan
There are a lot of words that may be used to describe how much you care about your customers and we are sure that all of them were already used. So we hope that you will accept a simple “THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID TO MAKE OUR TRIP UNFORGETABLE”.
We also would like to thank our all tour guides, and especially Mr. Nguyen Hoai Ninh and Mr. Bee, for their professionalism, knowledge and all the fun we have under their “supervision”.
Very Thankful,
Regina, Barbara and Ewa

Far-east travel reviews Dear Ms. Nga,
We are pleased with your services during our trip to Phu Quoc last February 2011. The reservation and airport transfer arrangements with Mango Bay was well done that we didn't have any problems during our stay.
We will be going back to Phu Quoc again next month since my husband has a conference at Saigon Phu Quoc Resort, Tran Hung Dao St., Duong Dong Town. However, we dont want to spend so much on accommodation so we would like to inquire if you can recommend and book us a resort close by Saigon Phu Quoc Resort.
We intend to stay from April 27 to May 1, 2011 and would prefer a garden bungalow (not necessarily with sea view) with price range bet 40-55USD. I've been looking at Sea Star (but fully booked), Thanh Kieu Beach Resort or Hiep Thanh Resort but if you can recommend another one, its fine with us.
Your reply would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Julie Ann F. Masias-Groenewold

Far-east travel reviews Dear Luong!
We took the taxi. Was no problem at all.
Thank you very much for all your effort to make our trip so special.
We love Vietnam and will most likely come back there in next couple of years .
We will recommend your service to our friends.
Best regards.
Ewa and friends.

Far-east travel reviews Hello Trong,
I thought that I sent a letter about how relaxed my friends and acquaintances. But I repeat:
1. Family of Strelkovs (in spite of the difficulties of flights, route changes) is very satisfied with their stay. The only thing they regret - is that not go a month and less. They loved it. And despite the fact that they have a very small child (and I am afraid it is for it), everything went perfectly. Svetlana Strelkova told me that she necessarily has to come to Vietnam.
2. Family Baranovs rest (remember) with his granddaughter for the third time. Therefore they have no claims can not be (otherwise they would have changed a trip to another country, but they do not)
3. Fedorkins family with two children is also very happy with their holiday (despite the early departure from Saigon). They liked everything - the service conditions and weather. The only thing for them was a tedious return flight. They had a very long time to be at the airport in Saigon. Flight delayed for 2 hours and they left almost 1 am. The children were tired and slept at the airport. So I always recommend that on the way back stop at one night in Saigon, and quietly, relaxing ride to the airport 2 hours prior to departure, but not for 6 hours.
4. A group of three people (Ryazanov) - called me on 8 March and congratulations on the holiday and were also very happy with our stay. They managed to burn around the pool (despite the fact that the sun was behind clouds). But they were the happiest of us - they are resting.
By the way, I think we'll go back to Vietnam with friends in December. But this time, for 1 month and not at the end of the month, and the numbers on December 12. Soon, we will discuss this issue and I'll let you know. We would like to get to Cambodia. Just do not know where it's better to do (from what city). Want to visit the island of Phu Quoc (from 30 December to 7 January) and I also read about a new hotel on your site - "Sea Light". Just do not understand where it is located and whether there is a beach (the sea) in this hotel (I mean as in Diamond Bay). Can you give us something to recommend themselves. Guided the company to go out of 6 people.
Our best regards,
Elena ms

Far-east travel reviews Hello Dinh Thao
Now we are home again. We have had a very nice tour. All your arrangements were at a very high class and everyone were very happy.
I suppose that you nevertheless want to improve the tour. Therefore I will ask the members in the group if they can point out anything they would like you to improve for the next tour. It can take some time so you have to wait a little bit more.
I can tell you that the most fascinating I have experienced is the traffic in Hanoi, especially all the motorbikes. Then I think what it will be in 10 years when all the motorbikes are changed to cars. There you have a very big problem!
All our guides were very educated in the important topics. Sometimes we had some problems to understand, that because their pronunciation sometimes not was what our ears were used to listen to. Perhaps they should not repeat what they say 2 or 3 times and absolutely not talk so much.
The immigrant Office at the airport was a big chaos. 11 people in one room just have to act much more efficient. I think we waited 2 hours despite the letter you have arranged. If Vietnam wants to be a country for tourism they have to do that job in maximum 10 minutes.
The boat that sank in Halong Bay two weeks after we had been there will also be a problem. Can we trust that the maintenance of boats, cars, and aircrafts is OK?
My best regards
Bo Grip, Sweeden

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