Tourists in Vietnam travel consultant January 2011

Vietnam travel consultant January 2011

This page provides information about Vietnam travel consultant January 2011.

Vietnam travel consultant January 2011
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Vietnam travel consultant Dinh Thao,
I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know travelling to Vietnam! You were great, so helpful and I enjoyed meeting you, that was a good memory. Cat Ba was beautiful, and so was Lan Ha Bay. Sapa was a lot of fun too! WE hiked throughout and saw some beautiful sights. The train was excellent, a little warm but it was a great way to travel.
We had our new year about 4 weeks ago. Life is back to normal again, back at work! Feel free to keep my contact information. Are you on Facebook? You should look me up if you are. And if you ever make it out here to the states, I would love to assist you in anything you would like.
I wish you all the best!

Vietnam travel consultant Good day Dinh Thi Thao
Many thanks for the greetings for the New Year. My family, just wishes you and your family a Happy New Year. And we wish you good health, happiness and prosperity in 2011.
We all were very pleased with the journey that we organized your company. Along the entire route were well organized at the highest level. Guides, transportation, meals and hotels along the route everyone happy. It is like the cruise on the Mekong River, with its rigorous curriculum you amazingly beautiful nature. The only thing I would like to get hotels in Cambodia of a higher class.
If there is interest from my friends or acquaintances of a similar trip, I'll be happy to recommend you and your company to organize the trip.
Goodbye and good luck to you and your company next year

Vietnam travel consultant Dear Than
I have been back in Australia a few days and thought I should write to you about our tour. I am sorry I missed you in Hanoi.
Everything went well and I must thank you very much for organizing everything perfectly. It was a first class holiday and everything you organized was just perfect - so a very big THANK YOU to you for showing us your beautiful country and the people .
I must say the tour guide in Hanoi (Sunny) and Vien (Hue) were excellent.
They did so much for us and nothing was too much trouble. Please pass on our sincere thanks to the two of them from Cedric, Margie, Franz, Marianne, Fay and the three girls. Vien got us a great tailor in Hoi An too!!!
Tie in Ho Chi Min was just a great guy, and he went out of his way as some of us were sick and again he made sure we were well looked after. Please send him our best wishes.
I will pass on your name to anyone who wants to visit Vietnam and I am sure you will extend the same professional service to them.
Please do keep us posted on the new resorts that are being built near Hue ( Da lang???) I can't remember the place but they were some beautiful resorts ( like Hawaii) and we may come over for another holiday.. And this time we must say Hello to you.
Thanks again for a great holiday.


Vietnam travel consultant Dear Luong Thi Lan,
Thanks for your email.
The services were fine for me - very useful.


Vietnam travel consultant Dear Ms Nguyen,
Thanks very much for your arrangements for the trip I went to Vietnam, although Its only a night and half day I appreciated that all the services in the Duc Vuong hotel. They are kind and warm. I would like to stay there if I go to Vientam again !
Best Regards

Vietnam travel consultant Dear Luong Thi Lan
Thank you very much for your interest in us after the trip.
My team was very pleased with the trip to Vietnam. Thank you very much for organizing the cruise on the Mekong River. And excursions to Cambodia. We all liked the service on the route and all those from your hotel in Vietnam.
The only thing I would like to get hotels in Cambodia of a higher class. If there is interest from my friends for a trip to Vietnam or Cambodia, I'll be sure to recommend your agency. Thanks again for service and maintenance.
The next year we plan to again visit your region but to go on a trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia
Vadim from Russia


Vietnam travel consultant Dear Kelly
This is the lovely and kind lady from Tuanlinhtravel with whom I booked the airport transfers and
accommodation at Vinh Hung Resort Hotel in Hoiann...You can correspond with her direct.
CC Thi Lan - my friend, Kelly may be interested to visit Danang - Hoiann...Kindly assist her...Thanks so much...

Vietnam travel consultant Hi Luong,
Happy New Year!
Feedback for our trip to Vietnam….. The trip was amazing, stunning scenery, excellent tour guides, high standard hotels and great value for money.
Our highlights Phu Quoc and Halong Bay! The boat we stayed on in Halong Bay was incredible and the food delicious on board.
We have never seen so many motor bikes as we did in Hanoi and we were fascinated by the whole experience, we didn’t however hire a motor bike until we arrived in Phu Quoc.
The Celadon Hotel in Hue was probably one of our favourite hotel in the world and we have visited over 80 countries on our travels and stayed in many 5 star hotels but the staff, the facilities, the luxury and value for money in this hotel was outstanding.
We had only one complaint for the entire trip, we needed to upgrade to the best room in the hotel in Phu Quoc and paid the extra money for the 3 nights. The facilities and standards in general were poor in the hotel but the beauty of the island, the local people and the activities we did helped us forget about our complaints with our hotel.
We highly recommend a visit to your country and you as a travel consultant.
Best Regards and many thanks for a life changing trip
Olivia Cronin, Ireland

Vietnam travel consultant Dear Mrs. Lan
Thank you for email, the trip and the booking was very good! Of course I will book with you for the next trip and recommend to me friends and. At the meantime Happy New year 2011 (TET)
Kind regards
Thang N’Guyen

Vietnam travel consultant Dear Ms. Thao,
Thanks again for your help for our recent trip to Vietnam which we really enjoy it.
Wish you a fruitful new year!!
Richard and Rebecca

Vietnam travel consultant Dear Thao
Just a short note to thank you so much for all your work. We had a wonderful time in Vietnam. We got to know the country a little and its kind people. We loved Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City. Despite Vietnam's difficult past, the dignity and ambition is there for all to see. Please thank your husband for a great tour and a good recommendation for a vegetarian restaurant. There is no doubt we will be back.
Unfortunately, we came home and found our house flooded as a result of the very cold weather which caused a number of burst pipes, even though the heating was on!
Please keep in touch
Barrie Searle

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