Tourists in Vietnam travel watch November 2010

Vietnam travel watch November 2010

This page provides information about Vietnam travel watch November 2010.

Vietnam travel watch November 2010
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Vietnam travel watch Good morning and Xin Chao Mrs. Than Mai .. Thanks for your email and nice to hear that you and your family are doing very well ..
I will start first by saying your services was very good and I enjoy everything from beginning to end .. Your package and time was very professional and arranged very well .. I thank you also for the nice gift and soviegners that you provide to me, they are very beautiful and informative ..
Regarding the packages I will inform to you now my comments :
Ninh Binh :
Driver and guide were very friendly and hospitable.
Program well organised
Train station and tickets arranged and organised so no problems checking in for trip to Sapa
Sapa :
Meet and pickup at train station no problems. Guide Mr Dung, was already waiting and breakfast arranged.
The programs in Sapa were very nice including the visit to Bac Ha market, light trekking and walking to villages, and visit to Hmong home.
Hotel Fansipan was very nice, although a little old but staff very friendly and hospitable. Mrs Trang was very helpful and very nice to talk to. The staff at hotel take good care of the guests and I had a very nice time at hotel.
Guide Mr Dung, very nice and helpful person, taking good care and providing information.
Due to different programs, there is different drivers each time. All were very good and friendly but unfortunately the first day is a problem with the driver. I don't remember the name of driver. During trip to visit H'mong home we have to walk and expecting driver to pick us up to drive back to restaurant for lunch. Mr Dung call the driver and we have to wait maybe more half an hour before he will collect us. The distance from Bac Ha market to the house we visit is not far so we don't know why he come late. Am already enjoying the trip so its not worry me too much. After driver collect us and bring us to lunch, we are expecting him to collect us and bring us to Sapa Fansipan hotel. Mr Dung try to call him many time but his phone is close and we don't know where he park also the car. No idea where he go. We are waiting almost 2 hours and even other driver from same company request if they can bring us to the hotel so don't have to wait long time but my bag in the car so we cannot leave. Mr Dung try to call also the office and many people try to contact him but his mobile is off. There is some other people there that told to Mr Dung that they see him before he is drinking wine with his friends and that is why also he late to collect us from the Hmong also. Finally about 3pm he come to collect us but his face not look ok. Am very sorry to say but very clear that he is drunk and his mobile close because he sleep somewhere in the car. Normally I dont like to complain but a drunk driver and because our destination to Sapa from Bac Ha is very far, there is a matter of safety because he is driving. Unfortunately it was a serious matter, even during the drive to Fansipan Hotel he is quite sleepy and its a long drive and very small roads because in the mountains. I mention the matter also to my guide Mr Dung, and he is quite upset about it, but not his fault. I mention the matter also to Sapa Pathfinder manager Mr Dung, and I think he contact the driver company. But at same time I have to mention also to you the problem so that you are aware of it. Perhaps you can follow the matter with the touroperator in Sapa and they can provide you some details of the matter as I am sure they have discussed it already, and mentioned in my comments form at end of tour. If not for this incident everything else is ok.
Dong Ha, Hue, Danang and Hoi An :
Tour guide and driver same for the whole trip. Mr Thanh was very friendly and helpful. Provide a lot of information and tours well organised. Our driver, unfortunately I cannot remember his name, but we call him Mr Hello during the trip. Both were very nice guys and I had a very nice time with them. Even after program we go for dinner together at local Vietnam restaurant and enjoy time together.
All the programs arranged and timed nicely so that we are busy all the day. Even the drives are quite long and tiring but we had a nice time together so its not boring at all. I have to say that the best time I have was here with Mr Thanh and our driver. By the end of the trip we are more like friends not tourist and guide. Our driver even give me gift a CD of Vietnam songs that we are listening in the car.
For the hotels :
Dong Truong Son Hotel (Dong Ha Town): I think is more for local not so much for tourists, but staying only for one night so not really a problem. However, for longer stay I think another hotel would be better option. I see a few other hotels that would preferable with better breakfast and more room service available.
Festival Hotel (Hue): I like this hotel due to location and services available. The rooms are quite nice and cosy and the staff quite friendly. Definitely I would recommend it and stay here again.
Gold Coast Hotel (Danang): This hotel I book myself and its quite nice. The staff very friendly and helpful and the rooms are very nice. From all the hotels I stay I think I enjoy this one the best.
Southern Hotel & Villa (Hoi An): Book myself online. Also quite a nice hotel with good services and help.
I have also a few suggestions that maybe you can consider :
Since all the programs include lunch and sometimes dinner, it's almost same almost everyday the food. I mention also to the guide Mr Thanh because we are together so many days, that the food is getting boring and sometimes I don't like to eat. Also there is too much of food to eat almost 7 or 8 dishes, so maybe for next time if possible to have by menu meals or if set menu to have different options so there is a choice instead. Maybe also try to include sometimes eat at local restaurant to experience the local foods not tourist food always. The local restaurant that I experience for dinner with Mr Thanh and our driver in Danang was really lovely and a very nice experience. I get to try different foods and meet more local people by this way. Since I am travelling alone also it's a bit better to have the guide and driver join rather than eat alone.
All the programs and full day tours and experiences, and sometimes due to hot weather one small bottle of water not enough. Maybe the car can include small icebox with more cold water or soft drinks like juice. Some of the programs also quite far from town like visit to Cham or DMZ, and have to drive back to town for lunch program. If its possible, can try to include a small picnic lunch that can carry in car and eat at destination so don't have to come back early and drive long again for lunch time. Picnic lunch also is different from eating always at restaurant and can be a bit more fun to share with guide and driver enjoy together. Maybe something to include like sandwiches or chicken pieces with salads or small cakes and fruits.
Another thing that I experience when I travel in Vietnam last time by other tourist company, the guide usually carry with him about US$ 100 equivalent in Vietnam Dong, so if I need to exchange he can do for me by himself. We save some time to look for exchange and the money available when I need, and then later he can exchange US$ that I give to guide.
Overall I had a very nice time and really your services were excellent .. I am already planning for my next trip which will be around March or May .. Am looking to travel to Cambodia and in Vietnam to Nha Trang and Dalat .. I think I have covered all of Vietnam already : )
Thanks again for everything .. I hope my email will not upset you, but I just wanted to mention few things that I would consider and maybe helpful to other customers ..
See you again next year
Cam o'n
Khalid Ali


Vietnam travel watch Dear Ms Nguyen Thi Nga,
I am back in Malaysia after my 5 days in HCM.
My stay in HCMC is nice and the tourist guide by the name of CHIN was very great and very helpful.
I don't have much time for shopping. I did not go to the supermarket / departmental store there. I only
went to Behn Tahn Market only. A lot of things to see and buy but have dificulty in bargaining. I only
manage to made 7 dresses there. It cost me about US 220. 3 plain siffon material and the other 4 with
sequin in front. Do you think it is expensive,?
I met your Ms Huong. She gave me a box of sovenuir. Thank you very much to you and Ms Huong and
your company.
Best regards.
Ms Chan

Vietnam travel watch Hello Nga,
Overall I would say service provided was excellent leading up to trip. I was however, very disappointed that when we were moved from the hotel of choice it was not you who contacted me but the Silk Path Hotel manager. Whilst the alternate hotel provided was ok I was also somewhat disappointed that due to the inconvenience we were not put in a superior quality hotel / upgraded.
Halong boat trip was excellent with high quality accommodation & good guide on the boat & excellent food.
many thanks,

Vietnam travel watch Hi Nga
Train was fine, bedsheets not fresh and AC too cold all night, but booking was as requested, so thanks.

Vietnam travel watch Hi Nga
Everything was wonderful and we appreciate everything you have done.

Vietnam travel watch Hi Loung Lan,
I just wanted to say that our tour all worked out well – Jasmine Hotel was good, our Halong Bay and Sapa excursions went off very well and our guide at Sapa was very good .
Thanks for all the arrangements.

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