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Responsible tourists
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- Gather relevant information about the destination before setting out. For example, find out the best way to get to the destination and check the weather forecast so you can prepare appropriate clothing and equipment. Book all travel and accommodation in advance.
- Study the history and background of the destination to enhance your experience and understanding of the local culture and tradition.
- Respect all local culture, traditions, and environmental values. Always follow local rules and regulations.

- Support local businesses by using locally owned accommodation, restaurants, tour guides and shops. Pay fairly for goods and services.

- Respect the environment. Take litter home with you and use water sparingly - in some areas, sufficient clean water is a valuable resource.
- If traveling in a group, you should follow the group conventions, be on time, and listen to the leader or tourist guide.
- For your own safety, be careful and follow the local rules and regulations. Do not trust strangers who try to accommodate or help you without checking their sincerity.
- Choose tour operators that are environmentally and socially responsible by reading company policies and looking for certificates of environmental awareness issued by recognized organizations.
- Do not support illegal businesses by buying endangered species of plants or animals.

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