Tourists in Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009

Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009

This page provides information about Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009.

Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009
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Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009 Dear Ms Luong Thi Lan
We have had a most enjoyable travel to Vietnam with your company last September.
We are now considering a trip to Thailand and would like to know if you have a branch of your agency in Thailand as well or if you could recomand somebody there .
Looking forward to hearing from you and thanking you in anticipation .
Christine Byma


Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009 Hi Nguyen thi nga
Happy Christmas to you also! We enjoyed the Vietnam trip very much although we are also please to be back home. We liked both of the tour guide very much. They are very helpful, professional and enjoyable to be with. It would be even more perfect, if we could have known the food menu before the travel so that we could comment on some dishes which we don’t eat (e.g squid). But this is just a minor thing..
On our arrival back to Hanoi station from Lao Cai, it was a little confusing on where we should be meeting our driver.. It would be better if there is fix meeting point for the pick up e.g. in front of the station near some landmark or road signs after exit.
Another thing is that we actually nearly missed our flight back home. We arrive only 45 min before the flight take off. But luckily, the flight was at the end delayed.. so we were fine. One note to the other travelers, considering the road & traffic condition to the airport, I guess it would be better if they could depart to the airport a little earlier to allow some more buffer.
But having said the above, we had a very enjoyable trip and we are very pleased to have chosen you as our travel agency and we will be contacting you again for any upcoming trip to other places in Vietnam.
Thanks again and warmest greetings..
Cheers, Clara

Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009 Hello,
Thank you for the very good vacation. Everything went fine.
Weather was good, not too hot. Maybe we would managed with a little bit less wind on the beach.
Overall we got good value for our money.
This is not a complain, but hotels were very good only problem was that they were a little bit too fine for our taste, and also maybe too many Finns in Mui ne.
Once again, thank you very much.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
Tero Pyykkö

Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009 Dear Ms Lan, How happy I am to hear from you! I have thought of you many times throughout the year and still enjoy looking at the many many pictures Mark took on our wonderful trip.
Maybe it will be boring to you, but I will send the Christmas letter that Mark put together. Don't be surprised when you get to the month of May to see that I was hit by a city bus in Meissen, Germany. I was caught between the bus and the wall of the bus waiting area shelter. It fractured my pelvis in three places! I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room in Meissen, and then lifted by helicopter to Dresden where I had a surgery to stabilize my pelvis. I was in the hospital there for three weeks; then six weeks in rehabilitation at a beautiful place near Dresden....quite an experience.
I have healed (for the most part) but still am uncomfortable when I walk and generally weakened from the whole thing....
Anyway, on a brighter note, I will send warm greetings to you and again many thanks for our wonderful trip in Viet Nam and Cambodia....
Best regards,

Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009 Xin chao Luong Lan,
I do hope this email gets to you and that you still work with Tuan Linh Travel.
I would just like to wish you and your family and maybe husband by now a Very Merry Christmas.
My girls will be coming home on Christmas Eve Thursday morning and staying for 6 days before they have to return to work. I am very excited to see them both and to share the holiday season with them.
I hope everything is good for you, your health and your family are all well also. Give my best regards to your brother.
Take Care
Love Jennie Thomas

Good Vietnam Travel Agent Reviews December 2009 Dear Mr. Ngo Quang Trong
We are now back in Sweden again.
The trip "North West Loop" was much interesting and we are very pleased with your arrangement.
Some comments:
Guide: We are very satisfied with Mr. Binh.
Car: It was a good decision to choice that type of car but it had been better if the car had been equipted with 2 lines of passenger seat instead of 3, liked the car which picked us up at the train station in Hanoi.
Driver: The driver drow carefully but sometimes he had problem to find the right way which worried us a bit.
The road are partly very bad due to road repairs.
Hotels: According to the circomstanses the hotels were OK.
Mr. Trong, if you want recommendations or have any questions don´t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you very much
Kindly Regards
Per-Olof Ekholm
Monica Ekholm (Mrs.)

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