Tourists in Excellent Vietnam Travel Reviews Nov-Dec 2007

Excellent Vietnam Travel Reviews Nov-Dec 2007

This page provides information about Excellent Vietnam Travel Reviews Nov-Dec 2007.

Excellent Vietnam Travel Reviews Nov-Dec 2007
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Excellent Vietnam Travel Reviews Vy Le and family, Vietnamese-American, visited Vietnam on 25 December 2007

Hi Thao,
My apologies for the delay in writing for you.
I was super busy when we get back to the US.  I have to catch up with work.(and home)
Anyhow, I just want to let you know that we had a great time in VN.  There were few things that we did not satisfied such as the hotel was not clean - Vien Dong Hotel in Nha Trang-  The hotel was very old and not too clean - I found cupid hair in the sink (yuck) I and my husband were bitten by "rep"  His legs get infections and it was uncomfortable for him.  Next time, I would spend extra money to stay at 4 star hotel  It does make a different.
And I would not stay 2 nights at Ha Long Bay - 1 night is enough - And take that extra day to spend time in Ha Noi. 
All of our tour guides and drivers had given us excellent service.  They are very kind and helpful.
Thank you Thao, for putting a great program for us and I would recommend Tuan Linh to all of my friends who would like to travel to VN.
Chi Vy
PS.  Did you enjoy the chocolate I sent you?


Excellent Vietnam Travel Reviews Andre Cote, Canadian citizen, visited Vietnam on 25 December 2007

Happy Monday!

Hello Sonha. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. I had a wonderful trip to Vietnam. You have a wonderful country. I met nice people. I enjoyed every places I went to. I lovec my 2 days cruise on Halong bay. What an amazing place. I was very happy and lucky to be in Hue. Very interesting to see the Imperial City. Love it. I have also liked my stay in Nha trang. NIce beaches and people. I loved the food.

I loved all the hotels I stayed in. In summary I had a wonderful time and thank you very much for your help.

Guess waht! I want to go back next Xmas. Nexttime I would love to go back to Hanoi and Hue. I would like to add Cambodia on my trip. I understand it is too early. The airfares are not out yet for Xmas. Soon I purchase my tickets ( sometime next month) I will contact you again and start planning.

HAve a great day



Excellent Vietnam Travel Reviews Lee Bee Koon group, come from Malaysia, visited Vietnam on 27 Dec 2007

Dear Ms Luong,

Happy New Year to you too....

We are quite happy with trip overall but have some comments on the following:-

1.    The staff in Salute hotel is not really helpful coz we almost missed our train to Sapa because they can't get us a taxi on time as we have requested for. And because of this we have been slaughter by a taxi who charging us VND 250,000 from the hotel to train station (for a normal taxi).....

Because of the delay in entering the train, our cabin have been occupied by other vietnamese people who denied to go out from our cabin and we have some argument with them in the train and luckly someone who stay in our next cabin help us to get these people out from our cabin else we won't know where we would stay for that night...it's really a nightmare for 6 of us....

Moreover, the staff at Salute Hotel keep asking us when to check out on the last day of our trip since I already mentioned to them we will check out @ 12 noon. They are not friendly while asking us....

2.    We noted that the driver at Sapa drive in a dangerous way and have risky our life all the way to Bac Ha market and also to Sapa.....

3.    The tour guide at Sapa didn't informed us about the condition of the road (which are very slippery & muddy) before we start trekking to the village and because of this we are not well prepared with suitable cloth for treking....

Overall we are happy with the hotel and the food provided. Except all the incident mentioned in the above, we are really have a good trip in Hanoi, Halong Bay & Sapa, it's really an amazing place to visit and I will recommend it to my other friends as well.....

Best regards,


Excellent Vietnam Travel Reviews Stephen Cherry and friends, UK citizens, visited Vietnam on 30 November 2007

Hi Thu Huong

The holiday was great thank you.

We love Saigon, Phu Quoc is beautiful and the trip to Cambodia was really interesting too.

Your help has been great and the tour especially was very organized but easy going!

I won’t hesitate to use your services again next year and recommend you to anyone coming over to Vietnam in the future.



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