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Why Cruising in Vietnam is a Breeze

This page provides information about Why Cruising in Vietnam is a Breeze.

Why Cruising in Vietnam is a Breeze
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Vietnam is a beautiful country, full of scenic landscapes as well as diverse creatures and plants. According to the National Environmental Condition Report, Vietnam is one of twenty five countries which has a high level of Biodiversity, ranking 16th in the world. This makes it the perfect place to explore a diverse natural world and see interesting species. And how better to see this world, than to take a river cruise along one of the many freshwater routes in Vietnam.
 Not only does Vietnam have two world heritage sites - Halong Bay and Phong Nha-Ke Bang - but there are also around forty rivers to explore. Taking a cruise along one of these rivers is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing vacation. One of the most popular places for cruises in Vietnam is the Halong Bay. This translates to Descending Dragon Bay and is situated in a province named Quang Ninh. A cruise would allow you to relax, admire the breathtaking views, sit outside with your laptop, where you could play partypoker, or even show off the stunning scenery to your family on your web-cam. It also makes a great photo opportunity, where you might see one of the 60 endemic floral species in the diverse ecosystem, or just admire the amazing formations of the ancient limestone karsts and isles. Some of these islets are an estimated 500 million years old, surviving all matter of weather conditions and environments. The karsts took an incredible 20 million years to form, due to the tropical wet climate. However, the environment isn't the only evidence of prehistoric life.
 Some surveys have detected human life in the area, dating back thousands of years. Many artefacts have been found in Bai Tho Mout and Bai Chay. This makes the Halong Bay historically rich and interesting, as well as beautiful.
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