Qua Giang Communal House

Qua Giang Communal House

This page provides information on Qua Giang Communal House

Information on Qua Giang Communal House
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Qua Giang Communal House, Da Nang  




Location: Qua Giang Communal House is located in Qua Giang Hamlet, Hoa Phuoc Ward, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.
Characteristic: The house is divided into two parts: forecourt and sanctum. They are connected by two corridors with sunscreens which makes a self-contained rectangular.
Built in the year of Tan Ty (1821), it worships Quan Thanh and forefathers of four clans Dinh, Le, Tran, and Nguyen who followed King Nguyen to go southwards in order to widen territory and establish Qua Giang Village consisting of Qua Giang, Giang Nam, Tra Kiem, An Luu, and Con Mong.
The forecourt is erected on “Chong ruong - Gia thu” structure. Pillars are designed with ornamental pumpkins at their feet, and decorated with lotus on their body. Two rows of 5m high pillars, two pillars of each row, support the beam; and two rows of smaller posts support two secondary roofs. On rafters carved trees, flowers, animals, eight weapons, and different ornamental lines. There is a design of a carp changing to a dragon on every rafter’s end.
The sanctum is divided into three sections with four lean-tos. Four 5m high pillars, eight 3m high secondary posts, and 16 small poles support rafters. The sanctum has a pantile roof, a well-matched couple of the Phoenix and Rheinart’s pheasant, two dragons looking back at each other. The four supernatural creatures are decorated on the sanctum’s front roof.
Local people organize ceremonies on the 22nd day of the second lunar month and the 12th day of the seventh lunar month to memorize their ancestors. Qua Giang Communal House was recognized as a national relic by Ministry of Culture and Information on the 1st February 2000.

Source: Vietnam Nation Administration of Tourism

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