Fifth Division Museum, Vietnam

Fifth Division Museum

This page provides information on Fifth Division Museum, Da Nang, Vietnam

Information on Fifth Division Museum, Vietnam
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Fifth Division Museum, Da Nang City  




Location: Fifth Division Museum is located No 1 Duy Tan Street, Da Nang City.
Outdoor display area:
In this 5,451m² area there are big-sized weapons namely aircrafts, tanks, armored cars, 75-175 mm cannons, etc. that were used in anti-French and anti-American wars by enemy’s military, and were caught by Fifth Military Division soldiers.
Indoor display area:
In area of 3,368m², 12 showrooms display thousands of photographs and articles on establishment, struggle, and victory of the Fifth Military Division. In particular, some of them carry local people’s strength, creativity, intelligence and talents in the two wars, for example: a set of lead openers of Dang Tien Loi, a pair of slippers of Phan Thi Mua, and a two-bottomed basket of Ho Le Phuong family.
A set of lead openers of the revolutionary martyr Dang Tien Loi:
He used them to bomb in a radar zone of Americans and their puppets located in Son Tra peninsula on the 15th August 1972. It took him 3 months to prepare the attack. He had to eat fried rice, sleep in dark caves to secretly find out targets and make battles. Together with his six partners, he had ten successful attacks to the zone which caused great damages to the enemy. Unfortunately, he died in the tenth assault on 12th December 1972. A set of lead openers which are shown in the museum are the only remains after his death.
A pair of slippers of Phan Thi Mua: She was born in 1955, and worked as a special task force member of Da Nang city. In 1972 she was appointed to attack American fuel depot at the crossroad Trung Nu Vuong - Nui Thanh. So she decided to work there. Everyday she hided a little of dynamite power in her slippers and brought it to the depot. For four months from April to August 1972 four kilos of dynamite were carried in. The whole city was shocked by a big explosion at 9pm in the middle of August 1972. The depot was destroyed. She was granted a resistance war medal of second level by the government in 1975.
A two-bottomed basket of Ho Le Phuong family: They plaited the basket with two bottoms. It was used to bring secret documents to their son Ho Le An, a revolutionary soldier in period of 1965-1970. They decided to give it to the museum for display in 1977.

Source: Vietnam Nation Administration of Tourism

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