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White Dolphin Cruise

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White Dolphin Cruise
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White dolphin 94 & 95
You are choosing a really romantic, private sail for your wedding ceremony, honeymoon or celebrating a special anniversary or renewing your marriage vows? Surely, White Dolphin Cruise will be the perfect excursion for you!
Luxuriously designed with only 2 double cabins, White Dolphin want to please the client who is seeking the comfort and refinement.
You will be surprise because of her sleek design, good sailing performance and clever use of space below decks. The sundeck is designed purely for relaxation and is open plan to take advantage of the magnificent blue views. Moreover, it is such a romantic area for your dinner under the stars.
Furthermore, White Dolphin have well-educated and professional crews who are friendly, hospitality and informative, they will teach you everything you need to know about Halong bay and its inhabitants and so on.
Once you board, you can do as you please, leave when you’re ready and go where you’d like even an untouched area, explore every tranquil scenery in Halong and Bai Tu Long bay.
Let join us and White Dolphin is the perfect way to ensure you have a hassle free sailing holiday in the world heritage site- Halong bay
White dolphin 96
Sleek and refinement in design, professional in services, unique itinerary, White Dolphin 96 will bring you a romantic and memorable trip in the world heritage site – Halong bay.
It features 10 comfortable rooms, which were deliberated on a combination of traditional and luxury. All rooms are especially designed with big windows on the sea so that you can view the whole admirable scene of Halong bay, even from your bedrooms.
Sundeck is completely designed in the best way for your relaxation, sightseeing or sun-bathing when cruising in the bay.
The luxury, large and cozy dining room with balconies is perfectly designed to let each of you freely enjoy the marvelous view of Halong Bay. Especially, you can just enjoy your favorite meal; just see the romantic scenery by our camera system.
The main food is Vietnam traditional dishes made of local seafood. Besides, experienced cooks of White Dolphin also can serve you other delicious dishes from beef, chicken with fresh herbs and spices…
Our professional crews have grown up cruising and sailing on Halong bay, so you can depend on genuine in-depth knowledge.
In addition, cruising in her own way, less travel pass, you surely have chance to explore the tranquil scenery and untouched area in Halong and Bai Tu Long bay.
Let us prepare you for a holiday of a life time.

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