Esta página fornece informações sobre Fresh Vietnam travel reviews

Fresh Vietnam travel reviews

Esta página fornece informações sobre Fresh Vietnam travel reviews.

Fresh Vietnam travel reviews
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Fresh Vietnam travel reviews Hello Ms Thuy,
I was very glad to meet you in Hanoi with your collegue.
All my friends, my husband and I enjoyed very much our vacation in Vietnam, from North to South, even if in Sapa It was pretty cold for every one, at our arriving at Lao Cai station, after a hard night sleeping in the train. In general we appeciated our stay in the North (Hanoi- Sapa - Halong Bay). Guides, drivers, food , services were very good in all aspects.
In the Mekong Delta, we loved our stay on Victory Boat, food, floating market...But, for one point I want to let you know we were less happy by leaving Can Tho, earlier, at 10.00 am in the morning. We would like to enjoy a little longer Victoria Hotel with a late check out at 12.00 am and having lunch at Can Tho market where food was better than the one we were given and served cold ( fried fish - shrimp paste ). Luch was not good , the place was noisy , crowded and not intimate. At Can Tho, I am sure you would pay less for a good meal than the one we ate at this big restaurant on the road between Saigon and Can Tho... European people would appreciate a small place, near by the river like the place we ate for lunch after our arrival at Victoria Hotel in Can Tho.
This is the only bad and weak point I suggest to correct for the futur. For sure you will make it perfect and improve the quality of your services.
Best regards,
Mi Anh

Fresh Vietnam travel reviews Dear Tuan Linh
We had a very positive time with your company on our trek. Mr Dong was excellent and was very enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable about the area and where we travelled. The company delivered what it said it would and we thoroughly enjoyed our 5 day trekking trip to Ha Giang area. Dong and the other guide / porters made the trip; the cooking, walking, friendly hosts and beautiful scenery made the trip very memorable and we would recommend it to anyone.
Unfortunately for us the weather was not brilliant - but that wasn't your fault! We also really enjoyed the Eco-Lodge. Everyone we met was so friendly and we felt very welcomed. A great trip - thank you!
Cal Peck

Fresh Vietnam travel reviews
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